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Aparna Anoop
Author of ‘IN YOU’
I have to express my gratitude towards the whole team at 16Leaves, for helping me craft this book to its final form. They never let me down, and always raised me to greater heights. I am also thankful to the editor, for her encouragement and dedication. Thank you 16leaves for giving me such a wonderful experience with my first book. Working on the 2nd and 3rd books of my trilogy, thanks to you!
Author of ‘THE HUNT’
A very big thanks to the lovely people at 16Leaves. You guys are awesome. I never could have finished a book in my life if you guys hadn’t set deadlines. You gave me a wonderful opportunity that lets my talent get printed as a book. You will surely hear from me in the future.
Dr. Anil Menon
I want to express my appreciation to you and your group for yours and their excellent work. Providing many specific options for the cover and the interior design, listening and reproducing what I had in mind, suggesting improvements and importantly being very responsive to my request. And all of this done in a short time. I cannot commit the same from the author's side!
Our Advisors
Our diverse panel of advisors bring years of expertise and practical experience in helping us grow a business that supports new aspiring authors.
Sangeetha Shinde Tee
She has published four books: Amman: Story, A Moral Murder and Other Tales from the Blue Hills, The Book of Anglo Indian Tales, and most recently, The Naked Indian Woman. Her books have received excellent reviews in Femina, The Indian Express, The Week, The Hindu, BBC and The Tribune, UK. She was listed as number six on The Landmark List of top twenty new writers to look out for.
Sushila Ravindranath
Sushila Ravindranath moved to Chennai in the mid-1980s and has done stories on many South Indian groups which were publicity-shy and had never been written about. She set up Business India bureaus in all the southern cities, and helped launch an entertainment portal for R K Swamy BBDO, before moving to New Sunday Express as its editor. She is now a consulting editor for Financial Express. Her book Surge: Tamil Nadu’s Growth Story was released in October 2016.
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16Leaves was born out of the belief that everyone has a story to tell or ideas to share. We celebrate the passion that makes you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) and draw out the thoughts burning inside you.

We value originality and creativity. We seek out powerful voices and inventive thinkers, so we help share your stories with the world. And help you fulfil your dream of becoming an author.

We bring decades of expertise in the publishing industry to the nuts and bolts of independent self-publishing. Focus solely on the craft of writing, and leave the rest to us.
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