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How to Write a Graphic Novel
A graphic novel carries much more meaning and substance compared to a simple comic book, contrary to what people think.
Writing a Memoir that Engages an Audience
Memoir is not just a fancy literary theme for an autobiography. It is a theme shaped by anecdotes from your life that support a specific thought.
The Secret to a Commercially Successful Narrative
Several ingredients make up a commercially successful tale, regardless of the genre to which it belongs.
The Simplicity of Self-Publishing Your Book in 2022
If you want your book to reach the market in the shortest possible time, self-publish your book.
Publishing – An Ever-Evolving Landscape!
Publishing is a dynamic landscape, constantly evolving with a lot of unpredictability involved.
Why is Copy Editing Important?
Have you ever thought about why copy editing plays a crucial role in the publishing industry?
Do You Have an Idea for a Cookbook Simmering? Here are Some Tips to Get You Started
Do you have an idea for a cookbook simmering? Here are some tips to get you started.
The Benefits of Self-Publishing
The biggest decision an author faces after completing his or her manuscript is deciding whether to self-publish.
Tips for Creating Characters Who Captivate Readers
We’ve all read stories that keep us enthralled the whole way through. The plot captivates us, and the characters touch our hearts.
The Marketing and Promotion of Your Book
“Book Marketing and Promotion” is a key aspect of launching a new title successfully.
How to Write a Nonfiction Book
Nonfiction writing covers a lot of ground. Nonfiction genre ranges from self-help books to memoirs and historical biographies, also including technological, scientific and political genres.
Hesitant to Convert Your Book to an Audiobook?
Audiobooks are hotter than ever and now is the time to consider publishing an audio version of your book. Newly released book titles have initial sparks in sales.
Common Mistakes That Authors Make
Mistakes in writing can detract quality readers in terms of the overall impression one expectsfroma published book.
From Writer to Author – 3 Easy Steps to Follow
“There is no one path to authorship, as every writer’s journey is unique.”
How to Translate your Book
Translation is an art underpinned by solid “transfer” principles that can only be learned through extensive training or experience.
How to Choose Fonts for your Book
You get a single chance to create a first impression in your reader’s mind.
Give a Voice to the Author in You
There are many authors who have clearly pronounced literary voices and can be recognized in a single sentence. Writers wish that their script be captivating and inspiring.

Designing a Book Cover
Following a book design basic is a good place to start, before creating an actual book cover design! While emphasizing and aligning the contrast and repetition...