21 Sleep Hacks
Ignatius Raphael
This book is for those who are finding it difficult to get a full night’s sleep easily and naturally. And for those who take sleep for granted. If you have suffered sleepless or sleep deprived nights, you know the pain and the loneliness that grip you at night. Go through this book to get a hold on what you can do to not have this repeat again.
ISBN: 978-93-90508-26-6 21
Edition: 1
Published: October 1, 2021
53 pages
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The Author
Founder of Deep Sleep Academy and cofounder of Breath@Work, Ignatius Raphael is a trained counselor, healer and coach. He has dedicated almost 3 decades of his life to help people combat sleep depravity and the subsequent conditions arising out of them. His aim is to help people lead a helather, more productive and happier lives. His 5 day program called Deep Sleep Bootcamp has helped hundreds to regain sleep and health in a short span of life. Hailing from Chennai, he is married to a dynamic woman who ensures him and his 2 sons are never still and stale and he is a dog parent.