A String Of Tales
Stories from here and there
Lakshaniya Bavaharan
A String of Tales is a power-packed mélange of stories of intensepatriotism, surreal mystery, science fiction, undauntinghumour and absolute fantasy. Transporting the reader toa make-believe land, stories from here and there, all cometogether to tease the mind into a state of suspended disbelieve.Enjoy the power of fictionand dwell in Lakshaniya’s landpervaded by the unique mantra of Hakuna Matata, the land ofno worries!
Edition: 1
Published: February 18, 2022
108 pages
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The Author
Lakshaniya is a lover of literature and spends a lot of time honing her writing skills. Full of imaginative enigma of the creation involving the animate and inanimate of the world, the earth and its creations never cease to fascinate her. Lakshaniya isblessed with a gift of gab that flows smoothly in her literary ventures. A cheerful personality who loves life and its stories, she shows intense maturity in herconcoctions of absolute fictions and reincarnations of old tales of glory. A voracious reader by sunlight and diligent writer by moonlight, her dream is to mesmerize the human minds through her web of words