And I Passed my boards without even appearing for it
Naiyah Prakash
it is an honest attempt to feature the highs, lows, humorous episodes of usual school days, and treasured moments of the ‘old normal’ which could only remain etched in our memory lane because of the forced new life, triggered by the pandemic. An ideal read for every soul who bore the brunt of the pandemic and ached for life to get back to normal.
Edition: 1
Published: October 13, 2021
132 pages
paperback, ebook
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The Author
The author Naiyah Prakash is 15 years old and has just completed her 10th grade from KV IIT Chennai during the pandemic. Naiyah is an avid reader, passionate sportswoman and an adventure enthusiast, being from an army background. And I Passed My Boards Without Even Appearing For It is her first book to have been published but she has been creatively writing for school magazines and other platforms for quite some time now. With this book she has attempted to offer a vivid account of her encounters with life in forced confinement during the pandemic by featuring the highs, lows, some hilarious evocations of usual school days and anecdotes of vivacious memories which were both reassuring and tensing, leaving an overt impression of uncertainty in the matriculate’s mind