Be Still My Heart
Journey of poetry
Shaku Selvakumar
Poet and storyteller Shaku Selvakumar gathers wisdom gleaned from the seasons of her life as she explores the vast terrain of the heart and its power to hold and heal. Be Still My Heart is a living journey of poetry inspired by the seasonal cycles of life. It is offered to meet you in those moments where truth lies only in the messages of your heart. Moving through the cycles of retreat and repair, where solace is found in the innermost quietude and self-reflection, to rejoicing in the nourishment of natural wonder and expanding into the renewal of fullness and abundance, this collection of poems serves as a trusted friend and guide. Format(s) Relax, breathe, and listen to your inner voice on this journey of endings to beginnings, failures to successes, exhaustion to restoration, emptiness to fullness, and find exaltation in the stillness of your heart.
Edition: 1
Published: May 14, 2022
140 pages
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The Author
Shaku Selvakumar found her voice as a poet following the tragic loss of a dear friend. Through her journey from grief and repair to the celebration, resilience, and creativity of life, she found strength in the power of verse to heal and guide. Her delightful and imaginative graphic collage artistry appears in the illustrations for Be Still My Heart. Though Shaku’s inspiration comes from many sources, she is refueled by the natural world. Having lived in different countries, her ability to find unity in life infuses her writing with balance, harmony, and hope. Find out more about Shaku at