Out of Focus
Untold story from a mom to a mom to cope loss, overcome trauma, fight self doubts and follow passion
Sharadha Gopalakrishnan
Out of Focus is a real book about real pain of a mother who lost her baby and struggled through the maze of life till she found her vocation. It narrates the profound ethos of a bereaved mother who was subjected to the deepest and darkest of pains by a conspiring universe. The feelings will resonate with all mortals since there is no one living on this earth who is untouched by the claws of sorrow and death. Imbibe the positivity radiating from each thought. Compose back your world after it has been shattered. The book will effectively lead you to the light that shines invitingly at the end of a dark tunnel. Read the book, mourn with the pain, and learn about the poetic journey of a beautiful healing process.
Edition: 1
Published: October 13, 2021
104 pages
paperback, ebook
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The Author
Sharadha Gopalakrishnan is a photographer who has won many prestigious international baby photography awards, such as the Rise International Photography Awards, AFNS Award and Baby Photo Awards, to name a few. She has been featured in multiple media platforms such as BIG FM, Vijay TV, Deccan Chronicle, etc. She has also been awarded South India Startup award (SISA 2018). Other accolades that adorn her profile are the awards such as International Inspirational Women Award 2020 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. Ahaana Photography, a renowned name in new-born photography segment, is Sharadha’s most coveted brain child.