Thanga Nanayamum Veru French Sirukadhaikalum
Short Stories
Rohini Jagannathan
Thanganannayam is a collection of 8 short stories written by famous French writers. The necklace story written by Guy Day Mappason is an excellent one using very mediocre characters. The author explains the strangeness of life through his story. Mappason's next story shows the struggle of a middle class family. However, the unexpected twist in the end really connects the reader to the book. The story, entitled Gold Coin, by Francois Cape, describes a poor child who suffers from hunger and cold, and focuses on whether she survives or not. All the stories illustrate the strangeness and unpredictability of life and the awful perversion of people. It is suitable for ages fourteen and over.
Edition: 1
Published: May 11, 2022
192 pages
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The Author
Writer Rohini Jagannathan is a multi-talented personality. She has authored several translated books in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian. She has played a very important role in developing children’s literature, having written more than 40 books so far. His paternal grandfather was the writer R.N who was the editor of several newspapers such as Jaihind, Hindustan and Suthanthira Sangu. Rohini.J, who is deeply involved in spirituality and public service, has started a social welfare trust in the name of her late father N. Krishnan and has been serving the people through this organisation. Her interests include book publishing, library setting, and ensuring the welfare of children, women, and the elderly.