The Amazing Adventures of Phoelina
Children at the Glow Worm Club
Welcome to The Amazing Adventures of Phoelina The Diarmund. You have many questions on your mind don’t you? What is a Diarmund? What’s with the name Phoelina? Where is she from? All of these questions will be answered as you read each chapter of this mini book, crafted by an immensely talented group of young people, in whom rest the wellsprings of creativity. They have indeed added value to "Think and Ink", our signature module for Creative Writing. Read on …
Edition: 1
Published: October 1, 2021
32 pages
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The Author
Eloquens is the brainchild of Dr. Sandhya Ruban, a dentist turned international storyteller. When Glow Worm Club (GWC) joined hands with Eloquens, a brilliant creative relationship was formed and the partnership successfully touched and positively influenced the lives of numerous children through their multifaceted approach, be it theatre, debating or creative writing. All it took was a small spark of imagination that soon fired up the writing process for The Amazing Adventures of Phoelina. Every child was coached and guided on developing the setting, sketching out the characters, establishing a plot and finally bringing the exciting adventure to a brilliant end.