Words of the Wise
One Hundred Thoughtful Quotes
Aishwarya Karanam
The essence of this book lies in the appreciation of the simplest and most essential things in life. The goal of this book will be realized when a reader feels inspired and motivated after reading any of these one hundred quotes. Writing quotes is a thought-provoking experience and brings immense happiness.
ISBN: 978-81-932844-5-2
Edition: 1
Published: September 1, 2021
36 pages
paperback, ebook
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The Author
Sai Aishwarya Karanam, a class X student of BVM Global, Perungudi, Chennai, is an aspiring writer. She owes her writing skills and inspirations to her grandfather, her parents Sreedhar Rao and Sreedevi, for narrating bedtime stories, and her teachers, for constantly encouraging to write stories, quotes, poems and participate in various competitions. Aishwarya's keen interest in various genres like philosophy, history and mystery is often reflected in her writings, that are inspired by the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Soft-spoken by nature and environment enthusiast by heart, Aishwarya believes in being humane. Born in Adoni, India, this talented singer also loves spending time with her brother Abhinav. With the support of 16Leaves, she has now published her first set of quotes and hopes this association will prove to be her maiden step towards many more successful literary pursuits.