Find your own mind as a writer
Vandana Sehgal
This book answers several questions to allow you to make smartchoices that will lead to high productivity and help you accomplishyour writing goals. It offers unique tips, techniques and insightsthat will move your idea to manuscript and your manuscript to apublished book. It talks about real challenges and struggles faced bya writer. It highlights the fear hidden beneath the excuses made inthe form of to-do, can-do and want-to-do lists. Passionately presented,superbly crafted, and filled with real stories, this book will make youwant to WRITE.
Edition: 1
Published: April 8, 2022
122 pages
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The Author
Vandana Sehgal is an Author, Book WritingCoach and Holistic Wellness Coach. Her first book— I Love Myself — guides people to build selfawareness,silence the inner critic, and find themotivation to show the courage to act towards thefulfilment of dreams. And her second book — Write— supports authors to fulfil their passion of being an accomplished author. As an entrepreneur and as a coach, she knowsthat the success ladder needs to be created, it never comes servedfor anyone. ‘Fearlessly Passionate’ are the two words that define her.